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About Us

As the saying goes: One man's trash is another man's treasure. We agree and founded our label Dirty Jewels in 2022 after countless hours of spraying and marveling.

We are both passionate about street art and are still captivated by the beauty of urban motifs - be it the weathered walls in hidden backyards or the rough surfaces of the countless Berlin graffiti walls, which are covered with all the colors of the spectrum and thus form unique layers over decades.

We wanted to make this beauty of what is actually a waste product accessible to the masses, and the best way to do this was with wearable, unique pieces that reflect the spirit of Berlin - this vibrant metropolis with its urban vibe, diversity and stark contrasts is our constant source of inspiration. Our goal is therefore to capture precisely this unmistakable spirit of the capital in our designs, while at the same time allowing the wearers of our pieces to always carry a little piece of Berlin with them.

But good things take time, because the chipped layers of paint on the famous "Walls of Berlin" are a real diamond in the rough. The countless layers of graffiti paint become heavy over time and begin to peel off. On the outside they look rather unsexy, but with a little love and an eye for detail we can tease out the beauty of the past here too: every single layer of paint has its own story, told by the creative minds who created it.


We turn these special jewels into real eye-catchers by embedding them in precious metal elements. Our earrings, rings and necklaces are all made by hand in Berlin.

The process behind our jewelry is constantly evolving, because we put our heart and soul into creating a unique piece from up to 100 layers of color - each by a different artist. The color gradients arise completely spontaneously, so that no two of our pieces of jewelry are the same.


In our collection, we focus on upcycling and thus not only make our contribution to avoiding waste, but also breathe new life into the peeling layers of paint. Our product range is constantly growing because our basic material always manages to inspire us, but our customers also come up with the most amazing ideas, which we also like to try out.


It’s always worth stopping by, either in person or via our website !

Berlin Mauerpark Spray Paint Layers
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